Effective communication is critical to business success. Let us help you achieve your goals.


Communication Audits

How do you determine if your current communication practices are effective? We take a holistic view of your business to identify what’s working and what’s not.


Strategy & Planning

Whatever the motivation for developing a cohesive communication strategy, we bring a unique level of strategic thinking and best practices to help you achieve your goals.


Measurement & Assessment

Whether you’re focused on employee engagement, market outreach, or organizational change, we help you measure the effectiveness of your overall communications.


What is a Communication Audit?

Your business may be managing communications extremely well, or there may be opportunities for greater efficiencies, increased ROI, and better engagement. Either way, we’ll provide a detailed report that provides you with a greater understanding of how your organization is managing communications and what you can do to improve.

 We’ll start by understanding your business drivers from a communications perspective (what needs to be analyzed and why). Then, we’ll collaborate with your communication stakeholders to review current practices, measure effectiveness, and compile a holistic report. After completing an audit, we’ll meet with you in person to review the findings and recommendations.

We develop a holistic audit to evaluate how well communications are aligned with your business goals, the effectiveness of your communication channels, identify areas of opportunity, and recommend strategies that will improve your business’s competitive advantage.

Communication Audits can vary in complexity and length, but most contain these main elements:

  • Objective setting

  • Benchmark analysis

  • Stakeholder surveys

  • Focus groups and interviews

  • Channel assessment

  • Observational analysis

  • Data analysis

  • Recommendations


Why develop a Communications Strategy?

Although almost every large company has some form of communications team, we understand that small- to medium-sized businesses may not be able to invest in a dedicated communications resource. This is where we come in. Many companies will delegate communication tasks across a range of different departments, which can make developing and implementing a unified communications strategy a daunting task for business owners.  

With years of experience in implementing communication strategies for global corporations, we bring industry best practices and recommendations to ensure you are able to develop and maintain a unified communications approach across your entire organization. 

Whether you’re looking to develop a comprehensive communications strategy from scratch, needing to improve an outdated model, preparing for a major organizational change, trying to develop unified messaging across the organization, or just need help with general planning, we bring a unique level of strategic thinking and best practices to help you achieve your goals.

Why is Communications Measurement & Assessment so important?

Whether you’re focused on employee engagement, social media and email marketing, or organizational change, we develop an assessment strategy, collect data, analyze results, and recommend strategic actions so you are focused on the communication methods are effective in driving desired results.  

You wouldn’t invest in new a new software package or product and not measure its ROI for your business. Similarly, if you’re spending time and resources on communication activities, it’s important to understand if those activities are effective at driving your business forward.

While a communications audit analyzes your current practices and recommends strategies for improvement, it is also important for organizations of all sizes to continually measure and assess communication practices.

This allows you to make changes as business drivers, stakeholder needs, or technologies change. We help you develop actionable and measurable assessment methods for ongoing use and improvement over time.


The Don’t Panic Difference

Our purpose is to help you meet your business goals, improve employee engagement, manage organizational change, and achieve market penetration. We bring years of experience in developing comprehensive communication strategies for global corporations across a variety of industries including IT, manufacturing, defense, and state government.  

We understand that each business is unique and has distinct goals that are specific to your business and industry. Rather than delivering generic recommendations and content, we closely collaborate with you to understand your business on a deep level. Our goal is to act as your strategic advisor and to develop strategies that will differentiate your business in the market. 


Don’t panic

Let us show you the power of effective communications.