Portfolio: Website Projects


SunPower Web Design and Image Selection

SunPower needed a website producer with experience in web design, SEO, image selection, and coding. The web team was under new management and wanted to find new, exciting ways to use their existing Drupal theme.

I worked with the SunPower web team for a year, producing webpages for the U.S. and international websites. I spent most of my time designing webpages in Drupal that brought mockups to life. Stakeholders were then able to interact with the mockups they helped design.

I worked closely with the external development team to prioritize bug fixes and content design updates. I also helped take many of the easier bug fixes off their plate by troubleshooting the issues myself.

Often, in order to create a custom design component, I would have to find new ways to use the built-in templates. This included injecting code that changes the look of fonts or icons, adjusting controls to unlock new design elements, and using components to highlight information in new ways.

I made recommendations on design, content strategy, user experience, and marketing copy. My second main responsibility was image selection. A cross-functional relationship with the Creative Studio provided access to SunPower’s bank of professional photography and help locating images with a certain sentiment.

As a result, the SunPower website has an updated look and feel that better matches the brand portrayed in marketing collateral produced by the Creative Studio.


Online Presence Built for an Author

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