Don’t panic. Let us take your project to the next level.


After feeling constrained by the corporate grind, Kelsey started Don't Panic Digital Media in 2017. The company name is a tribute to her life and how she wants her clients to feel. When Kelsey was diagnosed with severe anxiety and OCD, she thought her work would suffer and that her life would never be the same.

She ultimately learned how not to panic during stressful times and has translated that to make sure her clients never panic either. Starting her own business was the best way for Kelsey to use her skills to help others succeed.

Myles joined the business in 2018 to bring communications consulting and strategy services to a wide range of clients. Whether a startup of only a few employees or a corporation of thousands, an effective communication strategy can be a vital key to your business's success.  

At Don't Panic, we learn about your business first and develop a strategy to fit your individual needs. We ask a lot of questions, and your answers help us make your project great. Diagnosing your needs and solving problems through prescriptive design differentiates us from the others. You won’t receive any cookie-cutter content from us. We tailor every solution and strategy to your project needs.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of Don't Panic's suite of services. We started out building websites and grew larger to include

  • website support

  • marketing design

  • training

  • communications strategy

  • content management

  • editing

  • user experience

  • brand development