Kelsey’s ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding of dependencies made projects a dream to work on. If you need a highly committed expert who thinks out of the box, Kelsey is the right person.
— Dianne, Cisco Systems

Kelsey is awesome! Fast, creative, inventive, and most of all adaptive to the often challenging creative process across multiple stakeholders (e.g., diverse opinions). Through multiple projects Kelsey has consistently delivered. More important, she becomes a member of the team, not just a provider of services. That jump in, team up, and collaborate is key for creative and go-to-market projects. Highly recommended!
— J.D. Stanley, IoT/AI

Her knowledge, and passion for, usability and user experience is contagious and I am learning from her some best practices in web design. She’s a focused individual who stays on task and gets the job done.
— Liz, Cisco Systems

Kelsey is a real communications strategist from both a written and technical perspective. She a problem-solver who listens carefully to your needs and creates a solution that is mutually beneficial for you and the people you serve. Enhancing the customer experience is at the heart of who Kelsey is as a professional.

I worked with her at a large tech company as well as being a client. She never disappointed. She delivered sharp design and solid consulting on the projects we worked on together. Kelsey is someone I trust and someone I am always happy to recommend to others.
— Alicia, Idea Haven, LLC

Kelsey did a great job for us - not only with creating the design but also helping us think through the design and ensure it works with the copy we created.
— Rachael, Capgemini Consulting
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelsey on several projects. Her standard of excellence and keen eye for the little details are impeccable. Kelsey has the ability to create interactive designs combining technology and good communication to create engaging user experiences.

Kelsey is always ready and willing to learn new things and apply new techniques to her work. Further, Kelsey has passion and enthusiasm that transcends to her teammates to make working with her a complete joy.
— Juli, HCL Technologies

Kelsey helped me get my website up and running when I first started my business. She is fun to work with, and brings energy and excitement to her work. She put in the time to find the best platform for my site, answer my questions, and get everything set up properly so that I have a professional web presence.

I may have been able to figure out how to set everything up on my own, but not without a lot of hassle and headache. Kelsey made it easy and time-efficient. I highly recommend her services!
— Christina, Sassafras Birth Services

She’s a go-getter and always finds a way to get the job done with a smile on her face. Personally and professionally, Kelsey is a joy to be around.
— Victoria, Auburn University, College of Liberal Arts

Our group went a whole lot further in 2013 with her help. When we brought her on, Kelsey took on everything from information and web design, data analysis, editing, team communications, and more, excelling at each of them. We were able to not just hand off projects to her but see them flourish.
— Luke, Cisco Systems